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We love getting post here at UKCS. In fact, on the days where we don’t get any (yes we do have those days) it can make me all sad faced, and you don’t need a sad face when you are selling Christmas! Even chocolate doesn’t cheer me up (though of course if you would like to send some chocolate through the post that would make me amazingly happy!)
So what could you send to keep me smiley? Why not write a little tale, or draw a lovely picture of the elves and pixies packing your orders? If your post is full of amazing loveliness and makes me jump up and down with glee, then you may even get something through your letterbox in return!

Send your happy post to the following address

Happy Post

The UK Christmas Store Limited

14 Sycamore Drive


North Yorkshire


or alternatively complete the form below and I will get back to you.