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I’ve found my dream home

There’s a Youtuber I follow (and admire) who has turned her life around from credit card debt to buying her dream lakeside home in a few years.

She’s done this by hard work (lots of it!) and a positive mindset shift.

There’s another lovely lady a bit closer to home, who has gone from lots of debt to her dream house (complete with beck and granny cottage).  It took her a bit longer to get there, but again used a combination of hard work and a positive ‘can do’ mindset shift.

I find them both very inspirational.

They show me what’s possible with the right attitude and tons of hard work and ‘keepy going’.

For years I’ve had this dream of opening a warehouse/showroom with a ‘Christmas experience’ area for families to bring their children to during the run up to the big day.  I can see it clearly in my head.

I can picture my children (virtually adults now) working there with me and my husband – a proper family business.  It feels like the natural next step from where we are now.

Today I was scrolling social media and a property appeared in my feed.

Its not far away, has plenty of space for us all and outbuildings ideal for my Christmas project.

I’ve saved the images and I’m manifesting it.  I’ll let you know when we move!