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Dream big – the magic of Christmas

I’ve always felt a special type of magic at Christmas time.  It’s as if anything and everything is possible.  This year I’m dreaming big, with exciting plans for the next ten years.

I’ve always wanted to have my own shop, ever since I can remember.  I used to dream of greeting each customer, watching their faces as they see the treasures inside, and helping them choose just the right item to take home.  I guess you could say having my own business to take to markets and fairs is almost the same.  I haven’t taken the leap from online to bricks and mortar mostly because of the costs involved.

This year I have dared to dream of a warehouse full of Christmas treasures here in the UK.  It would be a true family run enterprise now my children are almost adults.  We would have sparkle and magic down every aisle, and customers would leave with trolley loads of Christmas magic to fill their homes.  We could even invite the big man himself for a visit (if he isn’t too busy).

People would travel from far and wide to visit our amazing Christmas warehouse.  It’s at the end of my ten year plan, and you could be a part of bringing this dream to reality.

What are you dreaming of this festive season?


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Delivery day is coming!

I love receiving parcels.  There’s something about the excitement of opening lots of boxes from a stock delivery, especially this year as I’ve had to order online so haven’t seen the items in the flesh.

I originally booked delivery for the end of the school summer holidays as that’s the time when I’m here all day, but have had to push that back a little as only 30% of what I ordered is available.  I can’t wait to share its arrival with you over on our social media pages!

I’ve also ordered a few things for our sister site, selling decorative homewares all year round.  This has been in the planning for a long time, so it will be lovely to finally have something there for you to get your hands on!  The plan is for this shop to even out the cash flow while indulging my love of pretty things for our homes.

If you simply can’t wait to get started on your Christmas purchases, you can browse our remaining 2020 Christmas ornaments and decorations in the shop.  We are also in the process of adding a range of Christmas cards and stationery which is very exciting!

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We’ve found a new supplier

I was scrolling around the internet recently (as you do) putting off doing my accounts or some other job I really don’t enjoy, when I found an amazing business with gorgeous papier-mâché baubles, wooden baubles, felt decorations and lots more Christmas loveliness!  I can’t wait to get some stock in and on the website, but it’s still a little early in the year for that.  However I have grand plans to use their product range for our parent company, UKCS Homewares Ltd, as their ethics are very much in line with ours.  Watch this space!

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Missing the trade show

It’s around this time of the month that we usually attend the trade show in Harrogate, but with the current world situation this has obviously been cancelled.  It’s so much nicer being able to see the new ranges, as they aren’t usually on our suppliers website until summer.

So, this year we have decided to choose stock we weren’t able to get in 2020 as well as some other decorations we think you’ll love.  Now to keep our fingers crossed that some events can go ahead by October!  Obviously we will update our product range on our website as soon as the stock arrives at the end of August.  We might even offer a pre-sale as we did last year, to make sure you don’t miss out sign up to our newsletter.