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It’s always a tricky one – our last Christmas markets of 2021

I really love Christmas markets.  There’s something magical for young and old, especially at the best ones.  Even as a stall holder you can feel the excitement, that tingle down your spine in anticipation.

Bowes Museum has long been towards the top of our list for ‘must attend’.  I remember one year it was so cold the fountain froze over enough for the more daring visitors to stand on.  That was tough.  The cold seeps in no matter how many layers you wear, and obviously the more layers, the longer it takes when you need to ‘pay a visit’.

I’ll leave that one there.

Bowes Museum Christmas market is over three days.  This causes problems at Our Grotto as I’m usually at work, unable to take the day off.  I try to persuade the Head Elf to go instead, with varying degrees of success.

We were facing the same dilemma this year. Friday would be my last day of work before Christmas.  Head Elf was all set to go, taking the teenage Elves along for assistance.

Then our plans changed.

Work was having to shut a week early, which was really disappointing as the last week before Christmas break is the best – filled with class parties and Christmas Dinner.

The one silver lining is that I can now go to Bowes on Friday – YAY!

I’m so excited to be there all three days this year.  I think we might have to have a special offer or two to celebrate.



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Dream big – the magic of Christmas

I’ve always felt a special type of magic at Christmas time.  It’s as if anything and everything is possible.  This year I’m dreaming big, with exciting plans for the next ten years.

I’ve always wanted to have my own shop, ever since I can remember.  I used to dream of greeting each customer, watching their faces as they see the treasures inside, and helping them choose just the right item to take home.  I guess you could say having my own business to take to markets and fairs is almost the same.  I haven’t taken the leap from online to bricks and mortar mostly because of the costs involved.

This year I have dared to dream of a warehouse full of Christmas treasures here in the UK.  It would be a true family run enterprise now my children are almost adults.  We would have sparkle and magic down every aisle, and customers would leave with trolley loads of Christmas magic to fill their homes.  We could even invite the big man himself for a visit (if he isn’t too busy).

People would travel from far and wide to visit our amazing Christmas warehouse.  It’s at the end of my ten year plan, and you could be a part of bringing this dream to reality.

What are you dreaming of this festive season?