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What’s in store this autumn?

I’m already so excited for our 2022 Christmas stock to arrive.

Its always a challenge trying to get everything unpacked, checked for damage and added to the website each year, but this year will be even more tricky because of this little guy.

Photo of our dogHe loves woofing at delivery drivers, is even more eager to get into parcels than I am, and generally thinks the world revolves around him.  He’s loved so much but the thought of trying to navigate new Christmas stock with a puppy – oh my!

Somehow we will manage though.  The things I have on order for this year include returning favourites and new – would you like a sneaky peek?


New Christmas stock

I am keeping my fingers firmly crossed that it is all in stock and arrives as planned, so that we can have a fantastic start to the season.  What decorations would you like to see available?  Do you have a colour theme for Christmas?  I’d love to know.

Cari xx

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It’s always a tricky one – our last Christmas markets of 2021

I really love Christmas markets.  There’s something magical for young and old, especially at the best ones.  Even as a stall holder you can feel the excitement, that tingle down your spine in anticipation.

Bowes Museum has long been towards the top of our list for ‘must attend’.  I remember one year it was so cold the fountain froze over enough for the more daring visitors to stand on.  That was tough.  The cold seeps in no matter how many layers you wear, and obviously the more layers, the longer it takes when you need to ‘pay a visit’.

I’ll leave that one there.

Bowes Museum Christmas market is over three days.  This causes problems at Our Grotto as I’m usually at work, unable to take the day off.  I try to persuade the Head Elf to go instead, with varying degrees of success.

We were facing the same dilemma this year. Friday would be my last day of work before Christmas.  Head Elf was all set to go, taking the teenage Elves along for assistance.

Then our plans changed.

Work was having to shut a week early, which was really disappointing as the last week before Christmas break is the best – filled with class parties and Christmas Dinner.

The one silver lining is that I can now go to Bowes on Friday – YAY!

I’m so excited to be there all three days this year.  I think we might have to have a special offer or two to celebrate.



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Decorating for Christmas, and a market after our cancelled ones?

I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed….

Figuratively that is.

After two weekends of missed or cancelled events, I’m hopeful that we will be out and about on Saturday.  Is this the end to the season we are hoping for?

I’ve placed a follow up order with one of our suppliers, only a small one of a few bits that have proved very popular lately, but that’s it until January when I’ll hopefully be ordering for Christmas 2022.

How are your Christmas plans going?  Have you finished all your shopping yet?

We managed to put our tree up last week, but haven’t found space for any of our new decorations.  It would have to be these cute cat baubles if we did add anything new.